Prue was an amazing facilitator and assisted us with being able to provide appropriate care and service to a young person we were working with at the time. Prue provided opportunities for us to explore this young person’s case and to go over his FASD assessment. Prue provided resources to further support us in our journey with the young person and his carer. 

Ellisa Locke, Senior Care Services Practitioner

The training and guidance you have offered to key services, such as the school and OT, have been extremely beneficial. You have guided these services, giving them direction and insight into FASD interventions. It is evident that schools and other services may lack familiarity in supporting children with FASD, and I believe your work has assisted their confidence to better support our child.


Before learning about FASD through conversations and training with Prue, I knew very little about FASD and the impact to a child and young person.
Having attended several training sessions with Prue over the years, I am always taking away new information that helps me in my role as a caseworker with children in out of home care. I now include a lot more information about FASD in our education sessions for carers.

Nicole Dainton, Senior Case Worker, Adoption and Permanent Care

It’s like someone turned a light on and I’m able to understand her better, including her behaviours, mannerisms, fears, abilities, etc. I’ve done a lot of reading about FASD, but it’s far more helpful having someone apply that knowledge directly to the characteristics, situations, and behaviours that I see.  This understanding has helped me support my young person more effectively and create smoother routines for her.  This in turn has reduced stress and helped create a calmer environment.


It’s really great to bounce ideas off you and know that it will be helping us to look at the situation with the FASD Lens.


Prue’s hands-on approach to assisting care team members and support workers with practical tools and recommendations that can be implemented right away.

Nadine Holgate, Occupational Therapist

SUPPORT! I found your support during parent sessions so invaluable – it felt so positive to be creating a care plan with your expertise, the parents’ expertise, and my therapeutic perspective, and we came away with so many practical strategies, and reassurance that we are all on the right track.

Karyn Blease, Occupational Therapist

Prue personalized the content of training to be specific for the participant after revieing various allied health reports. Prue then provided copies of the training documents to share with the team for ongoing support, saving NDIS funding and support time. 

Jo Bradley – Behaviour Practitioner

You have greatly enhanced our understanding of FASD, providing us with comprehensive knowledge about FASD and a deep insight into our child and how FASD affects them. Your adaptability in addressing our specific challenges and whatever we bring to the session has been so helpful, offering practical strategies to tackle various issues. Each session leaves us with new ideas, strategies to try and your follow-up emails with additional resources are really helpful.


The suggestion to use the current Taylor Swift trend as a way for Miss10 to relate to her peers better and create ways to promote connection between them worked a treat.  The cherry on top was scoring some TS tickets at the last minute and taking her to the concert.  She had an absolute ball, singing and dancing along!  It helped her peers see her differently, not for her differences, but as the girl who was incredibly lucky to go to the concert.  I would never have tried getting tickets without this suggestion.

Following the concert, she had many conversations with both adults and children which helped build her social and communication skills and her connections.  She’s exchanged friendship bracelets and still often wears her TS bracelet to school.


Training participants say:

  • The session was incredible, so thank you!
  • I found the session to be extremely informative and interesting.
  • Prue provided a lot of practical examples, which carers crave. It was very informative reading about the child’s individual needs and how to accommodate for these.
  • I would attend another session with Prue.
  • Great information for myself as a worker to then be able to support carers with FASD enquiries and concerns.
  • Prue is a great presenter and very approachable, which makes it easier to participate It was easy to understand and good to have resources and links for future reference.
  • Prue clearly knows her stuff, and I would rate her as an expert in her field.