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For families and organisations looking for answers about fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, Prue Walker provides reliable information, a lens to understand what’s happening, and much-needed positive strategies.

Support & Coaching

Support & Coaching

Prue offers support and coaching to families and adults, aiding in the diagnostic process, FASD education, and securing suitable assistance for affected adults.

Support & Coaching

Client Consultations

Prue provides tailored advice for health, disability, justice, mental health, and family services, offering confidential case consultations, written reports, crisis management, and behavioral plan reviews.

Support & Coaching

Program & Policy

Prue’s expertise in program delivery and policy helps organisations with information sessions, advice on FASD approaches, and sector-specific practice guides and resources, improving outcomes and reducing risks.

FASD Workshops

Prue’s FASD workshops provide the foundation for families and professionals to understand and respond to FASD. ​Workshops are delivered face-to-face and by Zoom. Learn how to recognise FASD, understand a diagnosis, take the next steps and engage helpful services and supports.

Online Training for Families & Professionals

Prue offers comprehensive online training for families and professionals in the areas of FASD support and coaching. The training covers diagnostic process navigation, FASD education, crisis management, and behavioral plan reviews, empowering participants to provide the best possible care for affected individuals and improve overall outcomes. 

Individual Support & Coaching

Prue can deliver individualised training for families to help them understand their child’s diagnosis, and learn about how to respond effectively. Prue also provides

support & coaching for organisations and will customise training based on your organisational needs. These workshops can be delivered face to face or remotely.  

Meet Prue Walker

There’s nothing I enjoy more than sharing knowledge and learning from others about what is working well. My approach is that any professional who learns more about FASD can come up with better strategies in their own area of practice.

I can provide the information, research, evidence and some suggestions – but firmly believe the best solutions come from the ground up.

I’m particularly interested in supporting people who work with vulnerable families, those in the child protection and justice systems, and parents who may have undiagnosed FASD. But I also enjoy talking with midwives, mental health workers, and kindergarten

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